Traveling from Tucson, AZ, Susan Calhoun and Dennis Riley share songs and stories and invite audience participation to help us see how we grow through relationships with one another in their program:  “Religion is about Relationships”.  Susan and Dennis have been on spiritual journeys which have led them to explore different points of view.  Susan was raised a conservative Christian and now worships in an unprogrammed Quaker community.  She has sought to find how experiences of ultimate connection can be a greater and greater part of her life and how she can share this with others.   Dennis was raised Catholic and now serves as the choir director/guitarist at San Xavier Del Bac, a 200 year old mission in Tucson.  Dennis has been a seeker of truth who was also an atheist for much of his adult life.  He also seeks to find ways to share what he has learned.

Susan and Dennis came together as musicians thirteen years ago.  They have continued as life partners and have been singing at assisted living centers for the past six years.  They are looking forward to performing at Gethsemane UMC and supporting the good work that is being done here.