Date: Sunday 18 February 2018

Place: GUMC


On Sunday, February 18, GUMC is proud to welcome Dominica Rosario, director of Dominica School & Orphanage, in La Urena, Dominican Republic.  As you may remember, a team of adults from GUMC participated in a mission trip this past August to assist in special projects at Dominica.  It is now our privilege to welcome the director to Wisconsin and our church to speak about the organization, its history, and its mission to nurture and educate children in the impoverished La Urena. Dominica will speak at both services.

On this same day, we will also be kicking off our sponsorship program, where GUMC individuals or families will have the opportunity to “sponsor” a child from the Dominica School & Orphanage.  The commitment to sponsor a child is $100 per calendar year which can be paid in full or paid quarterly by 3/31, 6/30, 9/30 and 12/31.  We ask for a minimum one-year commitment. The “Sponsorship Fair” will be set up in the Community Center following both services.  ***Please keep in mind that this sponsorship program will work a little differently than other “sponsor a child” programs you may be familiar with.  As a sponsor you will know the name and age of the child you are sponsoring, but direct communication will not be available.  We are hoping for sponsors to receive periodic updates from the children sent to GUMC, but due to the limited number of computers and mail services at the school, individual correspondence is not possible.  Also please be aware that, while each child will know that he or she has a sponsor (guardian angel) supporting him or her, the funds will be transferred to the School’s main account and used for the facility’s most pressing needs.  We will also keep your last names’ unknown to protect your privacy.

Thank you!  We look forward to welcoming Dominica on the 18th!