A Theology of Clean

This week’s reading is from the prophet Isaiah. The problem appears to be the sin of being religious without being righteous. There may be a need for cleaning within each of us. And not with the soap in our sinks but a spiritual soap.

Please join us Sunday as we ask the question “Just how clean am I?”

Awkward Moments

We all have awkward moments in our lives. Waving at someone you think you know but actually don’t. Holding the door for someone far away and forcing them to run over. Sending a text or email to the wrong person. In our Scripture this week (Luke 12:49-56) Jesus creates an awkward moment for the disciples. This Sunday, join us as we ask the question, “That awkward moment when Jesus asks you to . . . ?”

Find the Time to Sit at Jesus’ Feet

Sunday’s reflection is from Luke 10:38-42 which is the familiar story of Mary and Martha. It reminds us that Martha believed she was doing what was right in response to Jesus’ visit. We cannot just ignore all those things that need to be done when guests come into your home. Martha was doing her best to provide for their needs and should be commended for it. But rather than being a happy moment it turns into a bad moment for Martha.

In the frantic lives we live perhaps the best thing would be to stop rushing and start resting more in Jesus. Stop moving and start meditating. It is very easy to get out of focus. We should of course, take our responsibilities seriously but not to the point where we neglect listening what Jesus has to say to us. Unless we focus on Jesus, we will always start focusing on something else.

This week may we pray that we are able to find the time to sit at Jesus’ feet. And a good place to start is in worship.

See you Sunday!